Friday, February 26, 2010


vaartha special 
Ahmed Patel the political secretary of Sonia Gandhi also renders advices. In Central Hall he saw the Rajya Sabha MP Satyavrt Chaturvedi  who was taking tobacco, betal and clove from his pouch. Chaturvedi began to fold his nut cutter. Broke the betal into small pieces. All these were minutely watched by Ahmed Patel. Chaturvedi was enjoying mixing of all these components as power from his left palm. "Do remember the pain and sufferings
Sharad Pawar is now undergoing.." was the advice rendered. By next session of Parliament you stop this practice." Chaturvedi quietly put the mixutre powder in his mouth, could not speak but nodded to Ahmed bahi.
Sharp comment of Ambika Soni while receiving Green Minister Jairam Ramesh rattled everyone. This was at the enterance of her official bungalow in Delhi, She invited the entire CWC minus Sonia Gandhi.
She said that Jairam you wanted me to resign when the an affidavit on Lord Ram was filed in Supreme Court. Thanks for coming on my invitation to the Lunch. I had forgotten your public statement. Now that you
had come, let us be friends..."But never do it in future" was Ambikas's  suggestion to Jairam.
Obviously being instructed by the PMO, the chiefs of intelligence agencies have begun to brief the Leaders of Opposition on the internal  politics of Sri Lanka. It is now confirmed that BJP, CPM are being cautioned not to encourage the forces supporting Sarath Fonseka. Reason, China is backing former Chief of Sri Lankan army chief. Of course CPM has not taken
this briefing seriously. They quietly ignored it. When Shiv Shankar Menon National Security Advisor met the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi in Chennai, the same impression was also conveyed to ally of UPA.
MK Stalin the deputy chief minister of Tamil Nadu is now a frequent flier to New Delhi. which is considered as unusual . Does this also relfect the mindset of DMK leaders that Congress might ditch them at an opportune  moment. Stalin visits has upset the plans
of his elder brother MK Alagiri Union Minister. Brothers squabble
has now reached in the capital-New Delhi. Congress HIgh Command now feeling the heat from the charges and counter charges of the family of Karunanidhi. To bring peace between the two brothers the Textiles Minister Dayanidhi Maran has now become the translator from Tamil to
English whenever both brothers go to 10 Janpath or 7 Race Course Road. Centre stage coordination of Maran = has become much more irritant point for 14 DMK MPs of Lok Sabha

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