Friday, February 26, 2010

rahu kalam effect

Pranab da getting into crisis is a
say senior Congress leaders

By delhi correspondent

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee got into this major crisis.
Becasue of Rahu Kalam. many astrologers  believe it so

On  Fridays the timing of Rahu Kalam is 1030-1200 hours
Pranab da began his speech on the begining of the inauspicious time.
Hence he got into major crisis. Insiders in AICC also speak that
in 1991 many seniors told Rajiv Gandhi not to announce his candidature
on during the peak of Rahu Kalam on a sunday.

Rahu Kalam is considered to be too bad for any believers of planetic
postionings. Each day for 90 minutes, the Rahu enters  other planets
and brings  out curses.



VIVEK JAIN said...
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VIVEK JAIN said...

How do you distinguish honest payer, reward him for whatever he has been contributing (not just elite few/toppers)... SIMPLE: do not harass him... and bring more people in tax net....what about tax evaders... who are the real burden to honest tax payers...People who have been paying taxes regularly should be exempted from raids / search / scrutiny for the next number of years that they have been paying taxes.... rather than harassing them with minute details, probing them, etc..