Thursday, February 11, 2010

political gossips

political gossips

BJP leaders  viewed the controversial film My name is Khan MNK
starred by Sharuk Khan. A special pre release show 
in New Delhi. Huge demand for seats..
Controversial Godman Chandraswami after getting
legal clearances, renewed his passport. Left for
Indonesia. And he has been invited to deliver
lecture on Hindusim in US. Godman has programmed
to have three months stay in various states in US.
Also he is expected to  meet his close friends 
two former US presidents
Corridors of power is not shaken nor shocked
even after a TOP SECRET inputs about 
massive corruption by two officials of the
the Commonwealth Games. Tape recorded
conversations, documents were produced to the
powers that be,but response is quiet and not even
Power Secretary Harishankar Brahma is the fore-runner 
for the one vacancy in Union Public Service Commission.
There are however three more, but not on top priority.
In May 2010 there shall be one more vacancy when
Prof E Balaguruswamy would retire. That is a 
reserved for an educationist. 
There is another Regulatory Authority where two vacancies 
come in next one month. That is Telecom Regulatory
Authority. Prabhakar is retiring and the other has been
vacant since September 2009. Government was busy
with the 2G CBI investigation hence it did not process.
SInce there is a massive pressure, Telecom Miinistry
wants to process both the slots filled in.

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