Friday, July 22, 2011


"Do or Die for DMK"  

General Council to meet in 
Coimbatore on Saturday

By R Rajagopalan

"Do or Die" situation for the oldest regional party DMK.

Saturday July 23 at Coimbatore the highest policy making body 
of DMK is all set to resolve a policy.

New Delhi is eagerly awaiting adecision from DMK, Especially
for insiders in AICC and PMO. 

As DMK faced a rout,leaders in New Delhi Jail on 2G scam
apart from that threat of  spouses of DMK leader Karunanidhi
being arrested, DMK official TV channel Kalaigyar in dock.

Whether to snap ties with Congress?
Whether to withdraw DMK ministers from UPA2?
Whether to meet President of India to withdraw support?
Whether to give issue based support?

But politically DMK general Council will also to take
a final call on the continuance of its alliance with Congress
as DMK wants to contest alone in the ensuing Civic polls
in Tamil Nadu in October.


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