Saturday, July 9, 2011

one liners


Union Cabinet expansion  on Monday unlikely

Prime Minister may meet President today to discuss about the expansion. 
President Estate needs 48 hours notice for a swearing in ceremony.

Swearing in ceremony at President Estate needs 48 hours notice 
clearn up/airconditioning Ashok Hall/printing of invitations snack

Usually the PMO alerts informally the Secretary to President about a
possible slot of Union Ministry expansion, so that the massive
arrangements could be well coordinated. 

When enquiries made in President Estate about swearing in
ceremony, they had not received any communication till 1700 hours
of Saturday July 9, 2011 This indicates that PMO has not made
up mind to go in for swearing in on Monday.
143 have been inducted into Indian Police Service by Union Home Ministry. 
only 22 women have joined.Politicians cry 33% women reservation
Good news for IAS officers of 1981 seniority.Promoted as Additional 
Secretaries to Government of India. Presently they are Joint Secretaries

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