Friday, July 29, 2011

heard so

July 29, 2011


R RajagopalanDelhi
Jairam Ramesh as Green Minister corrected the draft speech 
of the Prime Minister to be delivered at theValedictory Session of 
International Seminar on Global Environment and Disaster Management..And major 
policy announcement initiated by Jairam Ramesh are reflected in the 
text delivered by Dr Manmohan Singh. Top officials who enjoyed freedom
with Jairam Ramesh in Union Ministry of Envirornment and Forests 
are now being targetted by the new Minister. A threat of the top two or
three officials might be sacked.New Green Minister wants to bring in 
Tamil Nad cadre Officers. 
Dr Geeta Reddy and Dr M Jagannatham two senior physicians who are
present at a meeting with Gulam Nabi Azad Union Minister of Health 
to solve Telangana dispute, ended with solving the health issues of 
Gulam Nabi Azad. The fact was Azad was  facing acute backbone disc problem.
acute pain and Azad cannot sit for longer hours. Much more interesting was
that Rayalaseema delegation also had two medical doctors as MLA and one MP
They told Gulam Nabi to take a different medicine. A pain killer spray was quickly
bought and applied on Azad. Whether Telangana issue is resolved or not,
temporary relief for Gulam Nabi from disc problem.
Legal battle is on in apex court on 2G,But a different battle is fought
at the legal officers level. And that is much more interesting.
It is some what similar to that of UPA and NDA political 
battle. AG does not want SG and SG does not want to
depute Addtional SG. In nut shell legal fraternity is in
for yet another major shock. That another top legal officer
might put in his papers, by this week end. 
Half of the Union Cabinet was present at the Mango eating
contest, at the bungalow of Salman Khursheed Union Minister of Law
on Sunday.30 varities of Mangoes were kept at different corners of
the sprawling lawn. Topic of discussion was Veerappa Moily and
his Ramayana book. Telangana and Lokpal Bills were of course
the hottest topic. Sachin Pilot organise Makki Roti with white butter
eating competition. While M Venkaiah Naidu in Winter brings
100 varities of fish recipe from Coastal Andhra and Telangana regions.
But MK Alagiri wants to organise a Dosa contest in Monsoon session
of Parliament.

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