Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hear say

for publication on Monday August 8, 2011

R Rajagopalan
New Delhi
Global market crash-added to that
of Sonia Gandhi being hospitalised, a mid night telephone 
call by a senior most Union Minister
to his most trusted colleague, with a crisp one liner
"in case free and not sleepy just come" Promptly
the Minister drove his personal car, by looking road
signs-as lots of barricades were put for night security.
Both discussed for two hours,two sudden set backs.
Another interesting behind the scene was,
Thursday cabinet meet. It was to approve only
one agenda which should have been over in fifteen minutes, 
went on for more than one hour, with out officials, 
Usually during parliament session the cabinet meetings
are held around six pm and that too inside Parliament House
in PM's chambers. Expectedly worried Ministers deliberated
on Sonia Gandhi health.

But on the night of Friday and early hours of Saturday
also seen hectic parleys amongst Congress Ministers
most revealing.They are yet to come out of the shock
news of Sonia Gandhi rushing to US. On Friday morning 
Congress MPs in Central Hall seen worried over  
future of Government and their political career. 

Mamta Banerjee Chief Minister of West Bengal surprised
MK Alagiri the Union Minister of Fertiliser with an affectionate
pinch on his cheek. With a political message, that Congress
always dumps its trusted allies. Therefore do not believe
the Congress, they would eat into DMK base.Minister
MK Alagiri who drove to greet Mamta on the landslide victory
was shocked at the utterances. Mamta Banerjee has been told
about the massive arrests spree is taking place in Jayalalitha
regime in Tamil Nadu. According to Mamta, the Centre should
now rein in Jayalalitha not to harrass or be vindictive on DMK cadres
Committee on Provision of Computer 
Equipment to Members of Rajya Sabha had enhanced the 
financial entitlement of Members by 50,000/- to 
facilitate purchase of the approved E-reader 
compatible devices (Apple iPad2 and Samsung 
Galaxy Tab) to reduce their dependency on paper 
copies of Parliamentary documents.   In this context, 
Members are informed that NIC has developed a software 
application to facilitate easy access to daily 
Parliamentary Papers through Apple iPad2 and 
Samsung Galaxy Tab devices.  Using this application 
Members shall be able to access the latest List of 
Business, Papers Laid on the Table of the House, 
latest Parliamentary Bulletins, Questions Lists, 
and Members Birthdays on their devices.
PMO informed the Rashtrapathi Bhavan to call off
the Governors Conference to be held in the third
week of August. Reason was the on going parliament
session. But real issue was political.To have a
Governors Conference in November with 
new Governors. Sacking of a governor
who is to be indicted by Enforcement Directorate.
is an internal issue of AICC and PM does not
want to see the Governor in the Conference.

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