Monday, August 22, 2011

seen and heard on Anna

one liners
Seen and Heard

From R Rajagopalan Delhi

Monday  August 22, 2011

Anna supporters protests at 86 MPs houses in 9 states,
belonging to Cong, BJP, BSP and SP parties. This is
One pm- update from Union Home Ministry Control room
UPA2 political leadership is really concerned.
Vinayak Chaturti declare parliament a Holiday 
enitre Opposition to demand in Business Advisory 
Committee of both houses - on Tuesday.
Delhi Police Commissioner withdraws lathis 
from Police constables at Ram Lila grounds, 
where Anna Hazare is fasting.
Anna effect a Shocking trend. Congress ruled states 
curtail assembly sessions to a week or ten days 
ike Rajasthan, Kerala and Maharashtra.
Centre summons Andhra Governor and Chief Minister 
to Delhi on Wednesday discuss Congress MPs/MLAs 
resignation on Jagan Reddy & law and order
Anna fast Congress stops signature campaign to end. 
Cong MPs familes worried safety, as agitation spreads 
front of houses
Confusion prevails in Congress on Anna fast.Senior 
Union Minister.interprets it as major crisis for 
future of Congress . Pranab da distances 
"Find a formula to end Anna fast " 25 Congress MPs 
begin a signature campaign addressed to PM and Rahul 
100 MLAs 10 MPs quit on Telangana it was not accepted 
similarly 26 MLAs and 2 MPs resigned on Jagan Reddy, 
how can it be accepted, says AICC
My Ministry is nothing.Just from conception to 
cremation,said MinisterGulamNabi in today's 
Planning Commission meeting.PM notliked comment
PM and media ,Feb 16 eleven TV editors,June 29 
five print editors today only 3 TV journalists 
standing with mike.Why less.Is it Anna effect

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