Monday, August 29, 2011

political grapevine one liners

August 29, 2011
Wrong pronounciation of a word "prosecution" by Labour Minister Mallikarjuna Kharge 
while replying to a question on Child labour on Monday in Lok Sabha landed him
in a major problem and scene was pathetic. 
Kharge a senior parliamentarian and three times Minister in Karnataka
went on to pronounce it as prostitution.Video recording of the proceedings now
being edited to save embarrassment to Hon Minister.
Biju Janta Dal MP Thathagata Satpathi during Question Hour made a pun at the
Government said that thumping of Desks should not be construed as passage of resolution.(as it happened
on Saturday to seek anna hazare to end fast-all members thumped desk after Pranab da spoke.
Satpathi was asking a supplementary question in Lok Sabha on Monday. 
During Question Hour  in Lok Sabha on Monday, Yashwant Sinha walked
across to treasury bench to take T R Baalu DMK leader out Both discussed
about the clemancy petition and hanging of three Rajvi Gandhi killers.
Having learnt spoken Hindi- V Narayanaswamy Union Minister of state for parliamentary affairs 
on Monday during question hour went to Mulayam Singh to ask SP member Sailendra Kumar
to return to his seat from the well of the house. Mulayam said since Narayanaswami spoke to
him in Hindi- obligation was done. Mulayam at once called "Harrey Sailender vaapas aajaoo"
obediently Sailender returned to his seat. Like narayanaswamy other Ministers from Tamil nadu
should learn Hindi was advise by Mulayam. Hinting at P Chidambaram to learn Hindi like
narayanaswamy. "Hotho-chaste angreesi bholtha hai" remarked Mulayam
Kalyan Singh former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for the first time in Monsoon session
attended Lok Sabha on Monday walking slowly as he is unwell.
Except Pranab Mukherjee no senior Union Minister was seen in the first row of Treasurcy benches
during question hour on Monday. BJP MPs repeatedly pointed out. Still many union ministers
preferred to sit in the third or fourth row. "Anna effect BJP commented"
Supriya Sule on Monday put a question to Shipping Minister GK Vasan on collision of two
Ships in the high sea in Mumbai. Effectively Vasan answered. From the back benches
Congress MPs murmured that Vasan has picked up like P Chidambaram in chaste English.
BJP leader   Rajnath Singh on Monday sought Government attention on Crop Holiday in Coastal districts of 
Andhra Pradesh- and insisting Govt to include Crop Holiday under insurances schemes
also to National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. Since it was raised in Zero Hour
Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh waved his hand towards Rajnath Singh that 
Ministry will examine Rajnath Singh plea. Quickly Rajnath Singh also nodded his head.
Two Union Ministers intentionally wanted to derail peace process 
initiated by Pranab da. Insiders speak loud on spoilsport
Much more than UP elections, you have to bear the Presidential 
elections in 2012, that is too crucial for future of Congress
2 Youths in Tamil Nadu self immolate against hanging 3 Tamils 
on September 9, in Rajiv Gandhi killing case.Centre says 
it is state subject
Why to involve Arun Jaitley to draft/correct appeal to Anna to 
end fast. how Ministers spoiled a peace atmosphere. Insider 
details shocking
Union Ministers played havoc till last moment on Saturday,
not to carry forward the appeal to end fast of Anna. 
Insider details too shocking 
Congress facing internal crisis. For a month there was 
no leadership. No senior leader wants to take a chance 
to save party
Congress Union Ministers seen relaxed,Lunching with family 
in hotels in Delhi.joke unprintable terms about Cong & PM 
others overhear/enjoy
Game changer Rahul Gandhi why was he absent on Saturday for 
special session of Parliament on Anna Hazare.Punjab Cong MP 
reply. Changing Game
Sonia Gandhi formed 4 member committee to oversee day to day 
affairs. It is one month today, met two times. Rahul not keen 
on more meetings
Why PM did not speak on Saturday in both houses. No Union 
Minister nor Congress MPs has reply.But a Union Minister 
joked Dr Singh is maunvrt 
Group of Ministers on Media is meeting daily, but not 
appearing before TV. Reaso "Ministers have begun GOM on 
Anna fasting"-joke by Congmen
Anna ended fast.What next in Congress. blame game begun. 
A Union Minister wrote handwritten personal letter to 
Prime Minister

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