Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HEARSAY- new grapevine venture



By R Rajagopalan

Union Govt is too worried on the outcome of September 24
allahabad high court judgement on Ayodhya.
Centre feels that it is all provocation by the UP Government
And that too at the instigation of UP political leaership.
UPA2 leadership rushed a senior leader from Delhi
to meet DMK leaders in Chennai, with some top secret
message. That was two days prior to the SC asking
2G probe report from CBI. UPA2 wants DMK to come
clean on the "DMK family corruptions" which might
dominate the 2011 tamil nadu assembly elections.
UPA2 now wants to show its real color is the counter
reply from DMK as the Congress might get along
well with AIADMK Jayalalitha, who now has 9 votes
in Lok Sabha.
Puducherry Minister has taken up a art painting
diplomacy. And is holding a major exhibition
in the capital.

E Valasaraj Home Minister of Puducherry is a 
artist painter, an upcoming "MF Hussain of 2015."
His paintings are titled as Images of Eternity 
was opened by Vice President Hamid Ansari
Speciality was that of Sonia Gandhi presence 
in the opening function.5 times MLA Valasaraj
is a staunch nationalist, born to a Gandhite.
Presently holding seven portfolios in Puducherry 
Government. Considered to be too close to
AICC leaders.Next week the entire painings
are to be shown to the President Prathibha Patil
at Rashtrapathi Bhavan. 
It appears that the devout have become even more 
devout after taking up holy responsibilities! After taking 
over as chairman of the specified authority of the TTD, 
1977 batch officer and special chief secretary, health, 
J Satyanarayana wants every major decision in the 
health department or announcement to be taken or 
made only at an auspicious time. In the latest instance, 
the officer directed that the notification for the recruitment 
of assistant professors and assistant civil surgeons be 
made at an astrologically auspicious time. 
Learnt that Satyanarayana wants the 
recruitment to be free of court cases and regional 
controversies and feels that taking recourse to 
astrology will keep the department out of harm’s way.

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