Saturday, September 4, 2010

No outsider can decide CVC only we have to select shouts Sushma Swaraj

Behind the scene
juicy grapevine on
CVC selection

Why was Sushma Swaraj red faced?


By R Rajagopalan

President Prathibha Patil is believed to have affixed her signature
in the order of warrant of appointing P J Thomas as Central Vigilance

President of India shall be administering oath of office to P J Thomas
at eleven am on Tuesday September 7 at Ashok Hall in Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

After a phone call from Principal Secretary to Prime Minister TKA Nair
made to Christie Fernandes Principal Secretary to President that a senior
official of the DOPT was reaching Rashtrapathi Bhavan, the process had
since begun. There is a set of formalities which are to be followed.
Issuance of warrant of order signed by President herself.
Organising a oath takin ceremony means printing of invitation
sprucing up of ashok hall etc.Department of Personnel is the
nodal ministry liaising with the President and Prime Minister
Office to coordinate the swearing in ceremony

behind the scene activites for selection of CVC is an interesting politically
sensitive but juicy grapevine.

Sushma Swaraj has been too good with UPA especially during monsoon
session having agreed to pass Nuke liability bill but after that she has
become too rigid. She is believed to have objected to the interference
of non players in the decision making of CVC.

Prithviraj Chavan

P J  Thomas Secretary Department of Telcommunication  1973 Kerala
presently working with A Raja DMK Minister

Bijoy Chatterjee  Secretary Department of Chemicals 1973 West Bengal
Presently serving Secretary with MK Alagiri

S Krishnan Secretary Fertiliser 1975 Uttaranchal
Just retired 4 days before after serving M K Alagiri

T Nand Kumar 1972 Jharkhand, name was in the first list, but PM wanted
Nandkumar as member of Kashmir relief committee headed by Dr C Rangarajan.

Ashok Chawla 1973 Gujarat was considered but gone back on this name as
he hails from gujarat cadre-rejected.

Bijoy Chatterjee 1973 West Bengal, Pranab Mukherjee conveyed his desire to
UPA2 leadership. Bijoy was considered, he is the younger brother of
Deepak Chatterjee
former commerce secretary - who was Private Secretary to Pranab da.
Shantanu Counsul 1974 Karnataka Sushma Swaraj pushed his name
but could not make it Reason he is hails from UP but belonged to BJP
ruled Karnataka state. Especially Centre kept 2G in mind when it approached

S Krishnan 1975 Uttaranchal He was also considered but rejected
as Krishnan is too junior for CVC. just for the sake of filling the names
Krishnan name was added....


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