Monday, September 6, 2010




Monday is so coinciding Prime Miniser
Dr Manmohan Singh meeting top editors, 
while leader of opposition Sushma Swaraj
has chosen to meet top women editors to
give her version on the political developments.
Sushma is hurt after Government rejected her 
dissent note on P J Thomas being made as CVC.
Government is now considering to increase retirment age 
from 62 to 63 years to Secretaries to Union Ministries of Home, Defence
and Director of Intelligence Bureau,Director Central Bureau of Investigation.
Not yet clear whether the Government would move an executive order
or take it to the cabinet as it did for extension of Cabinet Secretary
retiement age to 64
SPG guard unable to recognise ESL Narasimhan Governor 
of Andhra Pradesh  and stopped his entry into the temple.

Prime Minister Dr Singh had to tell SPG guard that
he was Governor of Andhra Pradesh and not to stop him.
SPG guard had a mistaken identity as a Temple priest.
as ESL Narasimhan was in Vaishnavite attire
without shirt. Later SPG chief apologised to Governor

Governor Narasimhan who was in pant and suit
with tie, seen with PM in a public platform of BHEL opening
ceremony-changed his dress when he entered the Temple
in a vedic attire with - with three long tilak on forehead
pancha kachcham veshti- typical vaishnavite Iyengar style.
That change of dress of Narasimhan confused the SPG

PM also changed his kurta and pyjama-taken bath
freshened before entering the Temple. Dr Singh
went barefoot, without socks. taken two rounds
of the flagpost (dwajathsthambam) This is the tradition
for a devote to touch the flagpost and see the top which
has 18 bells.
Civil aviation secy lobbies for London ICCR post
Why did K Madhavan Nambiar Secretary Civil Aviation meet
Dr Karan Singh? Answer is simple to hand over his bio data
for the key position of ICCR in London. 

But  SM Krishna External 
Affairs Minister recommended Kannadigas  
URAnanthamurthy and Sivakumar 
Sonia Gandhi is likely to visit Kerala and Tamil Nadu
in third week of October. A public meeting to show that
DMK and Congress alliance is in tact. DMK leadership
is concerned that Congress should not go to Jayalalitha
side.there are efforts behind the scene now taking place in Delhi
by influential quarters to work out a strategy to bring Jayalalitha
to Congress fold. But a clear indication shall be given in
October when Sonia visits Karunanidhi. A senior congress
leader stated to DMK Chief Karunanidhi... that sonia
gandhi had always considered Jyoti Basu as her mentor
after Indira Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Presently
Sonia takes the elderly advices of  Karunanidhi 

Red color Delhi Fire Engine is new addition to the Parliament Security.
fire engine has been parked opposite of gate number one as a precautionary
measure. During a mock drill exercise in inter session period, the fire engine
fumbled. Did not start and bungled. Irritated over this, the Security Officer
of Parliament House has decided to push a proposal to have three brand new
fire engines -fitted with quick reaction facilities exclusively for Parliament complex.
In modernised airports there are six engines parked for emergencies. They have
sophisticated equipments to fight fire and quickly the can evacuate.
Jayalalitha is gaining too much of popularity amongst
the voters in Tamil Nadu, which is going to polls in March 2011.
A hype is now slowly built. She addressed two mammoth public
rallies in Coimbatore and in Trichy. In September in Madurai
the domain of MK Alagiri. There are political signals that 
nearing elections her life may be under threat. She also wants
to use the life threat issue as a major talking point
To make it further more a union government and state government
politicking against her security, she directed 
Dr V Maitreyan leader of AIADMK parliamentary party
with ten of Lok Sabha MPs to meet 
P Chidambaram Union Home Minister to seek
NSG extra protection to Jayalalitha, as she received
two life threats in the last week. 
Dr V Maitreyan with his ten colleagues are to 
lodge a protest to the casual
approach of UPA2 on the security of Jayalalitha.

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