Thursday, January 28, 2010

Justice Sri Krishna likely to head Telangana roadmap panel


Will Justice Sri Krishna to head the Telangana Roadmap Committee?


By R Rajagopalan

Six points in the terms and reference of the Committee to lay road map for Telangana 
is ready,after approval of the Pranab Mukherjee P Chidambaram and Veerappa Moily
the file is being taken to Prime Minister on Friday for final clearance.

Name of the Judge to head the committee has also been finalised. The tenure
and headquarters are two contentious issue. Government informally talked to two
former Judges of Supreme Court.  Most likely it is Sri Krishna who would be agreeing.
according to higly placed govt sources.

No one in the Govt is ready to speak about the six points as it is being kept
more than the secrecy of the  Union Budget

What is the terms and references of the Committee to lay road map for Telangana?

Six major points are shortlisted to be the terms and conditions. As this six points
have to be conveyed to the retired Supreme Court Judge before asking his consent
whether he would head the committee or not. Six points were taken out from
the December 9, December 23 . 2009 and January 5, 2010 policy statements
of P Chidambaram.

Why the differences between two Union Ministers on terms and references?

At one point of time, one senior minister stated that we shall leave the Chairman of 
the Committee to finalise his own terms and references to lay road map for telangana.

What about Hyderabad?

Centre feels that Hyderabad issue will be left to the Committee to finalise
whether to be a dual capital for seven years or work out a capital for
Andhra with a financial assistance to build their capital.

But impressing upon the importance of six points Chidambaram convinced Moily
and also even Prime Minister at the core committee. That six points would
satisfy the Telangana and non Telangana groups.  

Authority of the Chairaman of the road laying Committee?

The retired Judge shall be given full powers to choose his team,
experts from Gas, Oil, Water, Town Planning, Agriculture experts.
to be coopted for a fixed tenure.

How Delhi was too active for past two days to finalise the roadmap committee?

New Delhi was too active for Wednesday and Thursday. Since the Republic Day
parade was over on  Tuesday, the offices were closed. And crucial ministry
Union Ministry of Home was also closed as Beating retreat rehersal is taking
place.  Moily was in constant touch with Chidambaram on RAX the four digit
secret phone provided only to Union Ministers. The RAX was too busy for 
these days. Talking only on Telangana issues.

Who all played crucial role apart from Moily and Chidambaram?

It is M A Siddique private secretary and Safi Azan Rizvi another aide of 
P Chidambaram added to the active role of Law SecretaryD R Meena
with active assistance from TK Viswanathan. These four officials
had burnt mid night oil.  Anita Choudhary Special Secretary Home
with the active consultations from GK Pillia Home Secretary
all have assisted Chidambaram and Moily.


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