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special news story for VAARTHA

Tuesday meeting may suggest 
Prime Minister to  appointment of a 
Group of Union Ministers for Telangana
to lay roadmap with six months timeframe.

By R Rajagopalan

Centre proposes to seek the views of Andhra political parties on 
Tuesday January 5th to lay a road map for Telangana,
whether a Group of Union Ministers or to appoint a former 
Chief Justice of Supreme Court or form a Committee of 
Secretaries, be appointed. The meet is to pass an
unanimous resolution to this effect.

Once the decision is taken, P Chidambaram shall get
the approval of the Prime Minister to constitute the body.

This all party meet also to pass a unanimous
resolution for restoration of peace, law and order
in Andhra Pradesh.

P Chidambaram Union Home Minister shall make a
speech  The all party meet will be held in the main 
committee room of  Union Home Ministry in 
North Block. At eleven am on Tuesday, 
meeting will commences, to last for two 
or two and half hours.

According to highly placed Union Home Ministry sources
GK Pillai Union Home Secretary shall conduct the meeting.
while P Chidambaram shall also be intervening.

The salient features of the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram
draft speech likely to emphasis the following points.

The National Common Minimum Programme (NCMP) of the UPA 
Government in the previous term contained a paragraph on 
Telangana which read:

 “The UPA Government will consider the 
demand for the formation of a Telangana State at an appropriate 
time after due consultations and consensus.”  
Major political parties in Andhra Pradesh contested the 
2009 Assembly elections on manifestos that, in one manner 
or other, declared support for the formation of a 
separate State of Telangana.  
On December 7, 2009 the Chief 
Minister of Andhra Pradesh convened a meeting of 
the floor leaders of the political parties in the State 
All political parties, except the CPI(M), supported the 
proposal to adopt a resolution in the State Assembly 
for creation of Telangana.  
The minutes of the meeting were received by the 
Central Government on December 8, 2009.  
After considering the minutes, the Central Government 
decided to initiate the process of forming the State of 

On December 9, 2009, it was announced that ‘an appropriate 
resolution will be moved’ in the State Assembly.  

Subsequently, all  major political parties in Andhra Pradesh 
witnessed deep divisions among 
their members, especially MPs and MLAs.  
It was obvious that the situation had altered.  

The Government tried its best to bridge the differences.  
Unfortunately, there was no agreement and it was 
felt that there was a need to hold further consultations 
with all political parties and groups in Andhra Pradesh. 

Hence, another statement was made on behalf of the 
Central Government on December 23, 2009 emphasizing 
the need for ‘wide ranging consultations’ and promising to 
‘take steps to involve all concerned in the process.”  

And that is why Central Government decided to 
convene this meeting of the leaders of the eight 
recognized political parties in Andhra Pradesh.  
P Chidambaram will end the speech 
with the following appeacl 
Now I propose to invite suggestions/views from
all the leaders to lay a road map should this meeting
not pass a resolution-for a body to study and have wider
consultations at ground level. If the body so formed
should be given a time limit of six months to submit the report.
And the resolution will be submitted to the Prime Minister
to constitute such a Body.

BJP team to the all party plans to emphasis the salient freatures
before laying a roadmap, that the carving out of Telangana should
be on the administrative Conveniences of the present united Andhra
also to take special care on territorial Integrity and 
keeping the georgraphical continuity
with more care on economic viability and finally go in
for consensus for Telangana.


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