Monday, January 11, 2010

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for Monday January 11, 2010 publication
R Rajagopalan

Girija Vyas Congress MP from Rajasthan might get
attracted on the Office of Profit. She
is chairman of National Womens commission.
She is drawing a salary of Rs 80000/- per month. Similarly Chairman
of Minorities Commission get Rs 1, 25, 000 per month.
Trilochan Singh raised this issue in MPs salaries committee.
There was no reply from the Govt. Trilochan singh wants a uniform
salaries to chairman of the commissions.But some
Rajasthan BJP MPs are planning to go in for a Petition to president of India on
office of profit clause against Girja Vyas..In that case
Mrs Vyas may be a Jaya Bachchan  II who was disqualified
on office of profit.
Cabinet Secretariat has sought details from Ministry of Banking
the details of 85-100 former Secretaries to Government of India who
have given their private premises on rent to the public sector banks.
PSU banks are accordingly being directed to advertise their requirements
and let there be a public transparency in such premises being taken on rent
How MPs are getting huge salary packet?
In UPA I - when bill was introduced in parliament, there was
a public outcry.  The then Speaker of Lok Sabha Somnath Chatterjee set up
a Salaries Committee on Members of Parliament to consider suggesting
a mechanism, that MPs also be treated like government employees
Whenever a pay commission submits its report, the MPs should also
be getting a hike in their salaries. This committee met many a times
but no resolution.  This committee  suggested that
Government may set up a Pay Commission for MPs.This
was to be put up to the Union Cabinet. Two times Ministry of
parliamentary affairs had taken this note to Union cabinet. But not
discussed. MPs are wanting that they should be given a status that of a cabinet
secretary. as and when pay commission presents its report the same
may be implemented to MPs too with a five percent hike
Why in Tamil Nadu only ADMK  Congress, CPM and CPI leaders cars
get burnt. And the Tamil nadu police conveniently announces that
these cars had electricity short circuit. Recently Dr V Maitreyan car
was burnt at 2 am last week. He made police complaint. Second day
the enquiry report was battery short circuit. former Union Minister
EVS Elangovan car and house were attacked. CPI leadre Tha Pandian
Turbo vagon car was burnt to ashes. Police inquiry revealed that
there was a short circuit.But why no DMK MP or Minister
cars are not having short circuit. Opposition leaders
plan to meet  Governor Barnala to lodge a complaint
about the new virus unleashed by DMK goons.Vice President
office sought a detailed report from Tamil nadu police on torching
the car of Rajya Sabha MP V Maitreyan
Prathibha Advani daughter of LK Advani organised a special show
of 3 Idiots for BJP leaders. It was an enjoyable evening. Many commented
that the film was a political. And BJP says the 3 idiots film is like UPA II

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