Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new delhi political gossips

gossips from delhi (27-1-2010)

Narendra Modi Chief Minister of Gujarat recently
shown a rare gesture of air dashing to Chennai.
to attend the wedding of the son of Duraiswamy 
Rajagopalan former Chief Secretary of Gujarat
Which was celebrated in a typical Tamil Iyer style. Modi went to
"Bharat Ghar" dias - sprinkled holy water on the heads of the newly 
wed couple. Sat in the dining hall, enjoyed typical Iyer Sambar
Rice-Took two glasses of Rasam Modi. 
Cabinet agenda papers used to be bulky and packed with policy
issues. Be it Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai, P V Narasimha Rao
or for that matter Rajiv Gandhi's. But last week cabinet
agenda item number one is to get post facto approval
for appointment of  N Gokul Ram IAS 1974 Karnataka
and to create a new post of Secretary in the Cabinet
Secretariat.Should such items be sent to Cabinet?
One Union Minister was unhappy and commented that
it is the job of Cabinet Committee on Appointments
and PM can well approve this.
Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan is likely to be the
Chairman of National Human Rights Commission. 
Since November 2009 this post is vacant.KGB retires
in May 2010. Another five months NHRC will be headless.
Centre is likely to constitute a judicial commission headed 
by a retired Supreme Court judge to examine the demand for 
bifurcating Telengana as a separate state from Andhra Pradesh.
The Judicial Commission is expected to be chaired by a retired 
Supreme Court Judge, with three experts who will be members of 
this commission. The Judicial Commission will be given eighteen months
tenure. Commission headquarters will be in Delhi. Terms and 
references are now being drafted and discussed between three 
Union Ministers. When Veerappa Moily identified three names.Justice Sri Krishna, 
Justice Tarun Chatterjee and Justice Lakshmanan, But will these
be agreed upon by Home Minister? 
Nitin Gadkari the BJP president seems to have gained 
three more kilos of weight. Unable to understand the reasons.
But he confided to his friends that he used to take fresh carrot
while he used to have morning walk either in Pune or in Mumbai. 
And he would avoid Lunch. In New Delhi, he is unable to stop the
temptations of Aaloo Parantha and Gobi ki Parantha. Too oily
and applied ghee on the hot parantha, after relishing the tasty
piece, obviously he put on more weight.He loves food cannot
resist the temptations.BJP leaders say that Nitin Gadkari is another
Atal Bihari Vajpayee-at least in food habits.
SMS jokes at times carry heavy political flavour. Who will now
bridge the top two leaders. Sonia Gandhi and Dr Manmohan SIngh
So far Pulok Chatterjee and MK Narayanan were doing.
With this backdrop if you read the SMS, Pulok Chatterjee was
sent to WB (World Bank) MK Narayanan is now Governor WB(West
Bengal) If this sequence of speed continues to clip the wings
of Prime Minister,  obviously the next question is to which WB
will Dr Manmohan Singh be sent? Delhi grapevine is that by this
year end, there shall be a new Prime Minster. 
Who are the three Union Ministers in the recent two years bought
apartment in London?  Interesting details are now trickling down
from a report of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. Of course
this list also has names of former diplomats and bureaucrats
who have bought houses in foreign soil. Will this DRI report
be made available under RTI? 
Shiv Shankar Menon succeeded MK Narayanan as NSA
if this pattern continues, by June it is certain that M Ramachandran
Secretary Urban Development will succeed KM Chandrasekhar.
This is the latest grapevine being murmured.

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