Tuesday, December 22, 2009

andhra congress MPs are bitter , unhappy and developed hatred on each other



By R Rajagopalan

High drama was enacted by many Congress MPs hailing
from Andhra Pradesh.

Veerappa Moily and Ahmed Patel were writing and rewriting
a draft resolution. But any word added or removed told a different
meanings.At each of the stage English words played a 
crucial role.

Tuesday Central Hall of Parliament the scene
cannot be described in words. Not even in video.

Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs say around 25-30
those who are present in Delhi were all seen in Parliament.

Andhra Pradesh Congress MPs were the worried lot. keeping a vigil on the other. 
with a mistrust, mischief look, cutting jokes having a tense facial expression.

* "
Eat slowly" do not rush" said Veerappa Moily  on seeing Panapakkam Lakshmi
and Purandeswari  who were rushing to finsh their Lunch. This happened in Central Hall

In one corner of Central Hall in sofa seated were Ahmed Patel,
Veerappa Moily, Keshav Rao, Sarve Satyanarayana, Nandi Yellaiah
Girish Sanghi, V Hanumantha Rao. Later T Subbirami Reddy joined.

KS Rao was restless who gathered Rayalaseema and Andhra MPs
at Pawan Kumar Bansal Minister chambers. KS Rao literarily
'locked up" in Bansal room, many MPs included, Jagan Reddy
Dr KVP Rao, A Venkatrami Reddy, Rayapatti Sambasiva Rao
Panapakkam Lakshmi, Purendeswari,

** Chinta Mohan and Rayapatti Sambasiva Rao were 
seen with a grim face and seated with angry. They refused
to take Lunch provided by K S Rao. One MP joked
are you following like Lanco Rajagopal not to eat.

** Moily and Ahmed Patel mission is to bring a 
solution after consulting Rayalaseema and Telanagna 
Congress MPs.

** Moily drafted a resolution, but that was not agreed
upon by KS Rao. Because the word 'process of formation'
was the opening sentence.

**Keshav Rao and  V Hanumantha Rao are the two
key personalities for Telangana. Ahmed Patel
used to cut jokes with these two. Asking why
there was a 'jagada' at all. 

N Janardhan Reddy was guiding KS Rao with 
suitable language for the draft resolution.

** While Keshav Rao and V Hanumantha Rao argue
that they are from Telangana and are open for any solution
or resolution. Because on December 9, 2009
we got assurance from Home Minister. 
You cannot go back on this wordings now.

It was a pathetic scene. Each MP from  Telangana region
were happy and had broad smile on their faces when
discussed with Ahmed Patel and Veerappa Moily
the two powerful personality representing AICC and Union
Law Ministry.

Moily is the in charge of Andhra , hence he had double role.
One as Observer for andhra and the other hat is Union Law Minister

The Railway Canteen which serves the Lunch and snacks for MPs
in Central Hall, had a roaring business, with many of the Congress
MPs from both regions Rayalaseema, Telangana and Andhra were
eating vegetarians as well as Non vegetarian items.

Bearers of the Railway canteen also had a huge tip off from these MPs
as today is also the last day of Winter session. Generally almost all
MPs give tips



pavan said...

tell me one thing sir,when will it end,i think u went to meet finance minster at this time,and why this happening,u knw ur politicans r resposnible for all the mess,there is no real movement in telagana,and u just bend fr a drinker,i think,its better u retaire and give it to youth guys,better for the nation,how can a vh and kk can make laws for whole state and tell me how can a person who is not from our state can decide our fate????????????????? is this fare how do u justify it as a journilist and as a common man

Aditya Nandode said...

In short all was being played out over the formation of new state. Horses might be ready for trade!