Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new delhi corridor gossips

new delhi political gossips (31-12-2009)

Central security agencies in Delhi are  tzizy. 
Seniors are much worried lot of 
a possible  sting operation on a select few Union Ministers.
Being planned by regional political parties with the assisstance
of crew of  TV news channels. If such sting  
is successful, certainly it is an embarrassment for 
Dr Manmohan Singh dispensation.

Fresh from the controversy of Narain Dutt Tiwari, in internal
briefing meetings  of the security agencies, learnt lessons from
the tactics played at Hyderebad Raj Bhavan, the intelligence agency
have now obtained  additional instructions to their juniors/
and put them on a 'high alert'   Strategic locations
are now identified and seluths are keeping such safe houses
under close watch, by deploying plain clothesmen.
to ensure prevention of any regional language  TV camera crews 
taking videos of a sting operations.
Government adopts austerity measures. To travel by
economy and cattle class.But on the other side, 
Government has  processed a file to create six more 
Secretaries to Government of India.Presently these six posts 
are being held by Additional Secretaries.Like Secretary
of Central Vigilance Commission, Secretary of 
Chief Information Commissioner, Diretor General of
Foreign Trade and Secretary Department of Justice.
Calls are now being made from Raisina Hills to various
Raj Bhavans and Chief Ministers to accommodate 
in case of a provision the suggestive names for the
post of Vice Chancellor and Chancellor of Central 
Universities. A major  scandal if breaks out, 
many skeletons of course would tumble out
42 Secretaries to Government of India are retiring
in 2010. Begining from P V Bhide Revenue Secretary
in January -though he is likely to get three months extension
as he is busy with 2010 Union Budget, 

Other Secretaries of Petroleum, Rural Development
Heavy Industries, Power, Planning Commission, Urban Development
Agriculture, Mines, Tourism, Steel, Health, Civil Aviation and Environment.
shall demit office from January 2010 to December 2010.
It is another major problem to be tackled by Dr Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister. He has to select seniors to these slots
a difficult task.Mainly because, the key allies like DMK
Trinamool and NCP will bring their choices of Babus

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