Monday, December 21, 2009

andhra congress MPs create flutter in Central Hall


*By R Rajagopalan

N Janardhan Reddy briefed Ahmed Patel in Central Hall on the
prevailing situation in Rayalaseema and Andhra Pradesh

K S Rao was also conveying his views to Ahmed Patel and to
Janardhan Diwedi in Central Hall. 

NJR was seated in the third row in the Central Hall, Ahmed Patel
stood up and greeted the senior leader NJR and went to a corner

* Jagan Reddy was in Central Hall, today is his birthday. Many
went near him and greeted. But he is not celebrating this year.

PM was looking at the very dark mostauche of Narasapuram 
Congress MP K Bapiraju.

Monday is the day of Andhra Congress MPs in Central Hall.
KS Rao gathered all Congress MPs from Central Hall of Parliament 
N Janrdhan Reddy, Panapakkam Lakshmi, Bapiraju, Ananta Venkatarami Reddy
Suryaprakash Reddy, Undavalli Aruna Kumar.Dr KVP Rao
KS Rao had taken all the Andhra Congress MPs from Central Hall to
Prime Minister chambers that is room number 9 inside Parliament House.
Without a prior appointment, these Andhra MPs had "gate crashed"
Prime Minister to convey the grave situation in the Rayalaseema 
and Andhra disticts.
Prime Minister gave a patient hearing to these remarks.
Also said that he would discuss with the other colleagues.
" I am not the only one who is handling this, we have to discuss
this issue, tomorrow we shall take a decision" said the Prime Minister

"We cannot go back to our constituencies Sir this is the factual
postion."This is the cry of all Rayalaseema and Andhra MPs 
who are presently in Delhi telling this to many of the senior leaders
like Makkal Lal Fotedar.

* TV newschannels are also available in Central Hall. The screaming 
headlines were L RAJAGOPAL MISSING. On seeing this Ahmed Patel
and Janardhan Diwedi and Moti Lal Vohra were making a sarcastic comments.

* There were two Janardhans in Central Hall
similarly  two Sambasiva Raos.

One is from andhra NJR the other is from UP.
Janardhan Diwedi who writes the speeches for Sonia
and he is also the chairman of Media committee of AICC

*Janardhan Diwedi was telling many of the MPs that
Congress has been consistent. It always supported
Telangana. Our resolutions, were the same maintaining
the same stance. Never we deviated from Telangana.
Congress has exposed TDP and BJP on this issue
said Janardhan Diwedi. To this there were murmurs
from Rayalaseema Congress MPs.

When NJR called Sambasiva Rao , the two KS Rao and RS Rao
both turned and went near to NJR.

KS Rao phoned to almost all Rayalaseema and Andhra Congress MPs
to rush to Central Hall as PM was available in town.


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