Friday, December 4, 2009

Jagan Moily secret conclave about AP politics

What Jagan Reddy  Veerappa Moily 
secretly discusssed on  
Andhra Congress politics
in Central Hall?

By R Rajagopalan

Union Minister Veerappa Moily and Jagan Reddy MP today
intimately talked - for more than half an hour in Central Hall of Parliament
in the glare of many MPs and Ministers. 

Many Andhra Congress MPs were not keen to go to that particular
bench where Moily Reddy were 'whispering" 

This was a scene fo Jagan Reddy and Moily
was a treat  for TDP MPs who cut jokes with boisterou
laughter said  that 'kuch kuch hotahai"

One lady Andhra Minister said namaste to Veerappa Moily, the talk
with jagan reddy was so serious that Moily did not even acknowledge
the greetings from lady minister from AP.

Two Andhra MPs Vundavalli Aruna Kumar and Hari Sabbam both MPs were seen standing 
behind the bench where Jagan Reddy and Veerappa Moily were seated.

Nowadays some Andhra MPs have begun to distance from one particular
group say jagan camp, are now migrating towards Keshav Rao and D Srinivas
camps. Complete division is seen amongst the Andhra Congress MPs
and that could be felt by seeing their different stances and approaches.


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