Friday, December 11, 2009

Three pressures on PM that plunged into crisis,


Three pressures on  Prime Minister
that plunged Congress into a crisis

By R Rajagopalan

Three political pressures on the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh
landed Congress into a major crisis. Dr Singh  was still suffering the jet lag
when he entered Lok Sabha on Wednesday.That could be seen in his sleepy eyes.

No sooner Prime Minister walked into Lok Sabha on Wednesday which is 
his turn of roaster duty - got into the trap of Sushma Swaraj. 
BJP pressurised that Beni Prasad Verma should aplogise.
for the comments on Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Instead of directing Beni to stand up and tender aplogy- Dr Singh stood up
and tendered apologies on behalf of Government. This was a major 
blunder according to a former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. 
You regret for Vajpayee-but quietly ignored P V Narasimha Rao 
being accused by Congress men as well as Opposition.

Second major political pressure on  Dr Singh was 
from Mulayam Singh Yadav on Wednesday - That Government
should accept the Justice Rangnath Mishra Commission 
report on Dalit reservation. Dr Singh was alone in the treasury bench. No senior
Union Minister was present at that time. Dr SIngh turned to Prithviraj Chauhan
and V Narayanaswami for a few seconds. Suddenly
Dr Manmohan Singh stood up and agreed to lay the report 

Such was jet lag pressure added to that was sloganshouting SP Members
who ran into the well of the House, Dr Singh was alarmed.

Third pressure on Dr SIngh  was of K Chandrasekhar Rao fast unto death
which turned into a violent incidents. No sooner PM learnt it
he made up his mind- instead of applying political mind set, he went
in for a bureaucratic approach.Agreed to the pressure of KCR
and granted a state of Telangana.

Senior Union Ministers who are privy to certain converstions of the
high command quietly confiding to their close confidants. That it was
at the highest level the decision was taken. Even Ministers were not

Such the pressure tactics of BJP, SP and KCR. Why to leave DMK 
Prime Minister told DMK leaders that he was unaware of 
CBI raiding the office of Union Minister A Raja.on 2G.

Three political pressures- But three cheers for PM to have comeout successful
Put the Congress into a major crisis.


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Anonymous said...

Will telangana ever be formed ?

If it gets delayed, the few farmers who are getting water for one crop now .. will not be spared that too in the future... after 5-7 years from now.... and it is not IT or software which generates more jobs ... it is agriculture where many are dependent and can stay close to home ..... people from telangana region ask for hyderabad just because when the revenue is reported you will report as telangana so and so ... rayalaseema so and so ... andhra so and so.... if you take the revenue of hyderabad separately and just report rest of telangana would look as if u r reporting one district revenue and not 7-8 districts revenue.... people don't understand that and simply fight over the hyderabad land...... I don't know whether Sonia Gandhi will ever act like a common man... she is more or less turning out to be the more cunning or just following the foot steps of Indira gandhi to make his son the next PM..... and sharad pawar, mamata banerjee and few industrialists from andhra are playing good games on her..... i wish instead of NDA and UPA. we do simply of democrats and republicans then we will never ask for a state .. ans stay came as we know we will get it or not depending on whether democrats or republicans are in power....... I think Chandra babu is good as a manager of a corporate company but a political leader he is the worst guy and raja sekhar reddy is a big asshole for the region of telangana.... he acts as if he is the CM of rayalaseema ..... people think he is doing good to them by bringing pothireddipadu project.... but they are still foolish in not understanding it was plot set up to supply water to brahmani steels..... krishna and godavari rivers flow most of the time in mahbub nagar but those people don't ever get any benefit and simply suffer badly during floods... and nagarjuna sagar dam is built in Nalgonda district and 80% water is supplied for lands in andhra... Is this what you call freedom for telangana... and some students from arts, sciences fighting for jobs in hyderabad... but people who work in IT companies think these guys are fools ... I feel they should know the history ... how many people are striving for bread and butter..... Just want to know .. will there ever be a de-merger of telangana state... only then any agreements which are made will put into action.... else the lootin continues and people will move to other places and work as labourers or die in hunger...