Friday, December 25, 2009

New Andhra Governor on Monday

---exclusive ---

New Governor for Andhra?
Decision on Monday

Centre rattled on 
Governor   Narain Dutt Tiwari
video exposure

By R Rajagopalan

Centre is shocked over the exposure of a video clipping
allegedly involving Governor Narain Dutt Tiwari in a 
compromising position with two women.

Enquiries by this correspondent with top administrative and
intelligence seluths  suggest  that the Centre might take a political
decison on Monday. Till such time it is  "wait and watch" 

Decision on Monday?

With Sonia Gandhi away from New Delhi on Christmas vacation
with her sister and grand children, the fate of Narain Dutt Tiwari
will hang till Monday.Prime Minister nor Home Minister can speak
on this issue , as it involves a Governor. Sonia may consult on
Monday evening, with Prime Minister and a decision may be
announced. Center does not want to rush now, as Opposition parties
in Andhra like TDP gave a color to the Governor controversy. Hence
Centre will decide on Monday.

Till such time an alternate name was identified and discussed
between Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister, the fate of ND Tiwari
still hang in balance. Therefore, political sources told this
correspondent, that selection of a politician to the volatile
state like Andhra Pradesh, who can informally handle the
state politics has to be chosen. 

Possible names for Governor of Andhra Pradesh

Shivraj Patil, Dig Vijay Singh or to give additional
charge to a neighbouring state Governor and get
more breathing space.

Sonia embarrassed

This issue is a major embarrassment for AICC especially Sonia Gandhi.
Because rehabilitation of ND Tiwari as Governor was taken at a 
political level. He was a nuisance to Uttarakhand and also a claimant
for a Central Ministerial berth.

How PMO reacted?

Prime Minister Office, Union Home Ministry both were 
briefed through a three pages note by the intelligence bureau 
reveals the seriousness of the issue.

The report said the video and photos are genuine. Sources
of the video was also found out by the security agencies.
The video and photos are not morphed. The IB unit in Hyderabad
was put to use which is already over worked by the Telangana
agitation and the senior official handling this also proceeded on leave.
Rajiv Mathur the director of intelligence bureau briefed
TKA Nair Principal Secretary to PM and also P Chidambaram
on the Governor ND Tiwari.

What does the report reveal?

The informal conversations  between senior official of the Union Home
Ministry Delhi  with the Chief Secretary, Director General of Police and
also Secretary to Governor of Andhra Pradesh at Hydrabad, 
were useful to prepare the report for Prime Minister Office.
It revealed that actions of Governor was not monitored by the
security agencies, but as a precaution that the adversaries of
ND Tiwari in Uttarakhand politics might play a havoc with him
Hence a security protection was accorded to Tiwari. From those
informal reports it was gathered that Governor had a habit
of straying out of the official programmes. And causing much
anxiety to the security guards. From time to time the IB reported
to political leadership about the extra curricular activites of the
consitutional heads. One paragraph has been devoted on the
role of local police network helping the videographer and media.

AP High Court stay gave  a breathing space to think politically

A breathing space not only for North Block which houses Union Home
Ministry but also for Raj Bhavan Hyderabad is the stay given by the
Andhra Pradesh High Court, not to telecast further the video.

Though High Court stayed, telecast of nasty videos,
the  You Tube, Twitter and Face Book all
electronic mails filled with this 'nasty photos and videos of
85 year old Narain Dutt Tiwari sex with two women"
TDP office  made CD and circulated it in Delhi
These distribution were done much before the High court
order was pronounced. 


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