Monday, December 28, 2009

andhra governor

Andhra Governor  ESL Narasimhan 
briefs New Delhi with his first day experience

By R Rajagopalan

New Andhra Governor ESL Narasimhan 
on Monday appraised  PMO  and Union Home Ministry 
of his first day in Raj Bhavan at Hyderabad.

Centre leadership heaved  a sigh of relief with ND Tiwari
arriving in Delhi at 930 am on Monday,  while at the same time
ESL Narasimhan was being sworn in. Smooth transition,
without any controversy.

ESL Narasimhan in his first fax message to 
PMO and to North Block which houses Union Home 
Secretary GK Pillai office
said that his discussion with the Chief Minister
and the DGP, Chief Secretary gave him the 
satisfaction of the capacity to handle the
law and order in Hyderabad. 

ESL Narasimhan also expressed appreciation to the
best handling of the law and order situation by
the Chief Minister K Rosaiah.

Governor ESL Narasimhan also listed out to
PMO and to Union Home Minister on the
issues related to Telanagna bandh
and assitance from Delhi.

Officials in North Block confides that
there is a Governor to quickly react to the
local issues, as he is familiar with Telugu
and interacted with almost all political party

Governor  is believed to have sought 
extra para military forces to meet the
January 3, 2010  the Bandh called by 
pro Telangana activists. 

Governor ESL Narasimhan told New Delhi that he plans
on Tuesday and Wednesday  to have meeting with 
Chief Minister K Rosaiah and his  council of Ministers to evolve 
contingency plans for January 3, bandh.

ESL Narasimhan also intends to have meeting
with TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu and also with
Prajarajyam Party Chiranjeevi on Wedensday.

Narasimhan also planned to return to
Chhatisgarh, next Monday January 4 2010, after the bandh
as by that time a full time Andhra Governor 
appointment is expected.


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