Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sharad Pawar, Mamta Banerjee and Dayanidhi Maran
pick up issues with P Chidambaram on'mid night announcement"

How did you announce core committee of Congress
decision  as Government's


By R Rajagopalan

NEW DELHI: An emergency meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA) convened by the Prime Minister here Tuesday night took no decision for or against Telengana. It rather chose to keep mum on the issue as it felt either decision will only trigger more protests and violence while need of the hour was to restore peace and harmony.

Sharad Pawar Agriculture Minister was forthright in seeking clarifications from P Chidambaram on announcing the decision of the Congress Core Committee on Telangana as Government's. When Pawar shown way that was picked up by Mamta Banerjee. She went to the extent of saying that" Will you all come and face West Bengal electorates?" she pointed out at P Chidambaram. Not leaving it at that Dayanidhi Maran also took on the announcement on last wednesday mid night about Telangana.

A one-liner by Harish Khare, the Media Adviser to PM, after the meeting chaired by Dr Manbmohan Singh said: "The CCPA took stock of the situation in Andhra Pradesh and appeals to the people and all political parties in Andhra Pradesh to maintain peace and harmony."

Sources said Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee prevailed in the meeting to give priority to return of normalcy in Andhra Pradesh and say nothing on Telengana as the Centre's role comes only after the Andhra Pradesh Assembly unanimously adopts a resolution for creation of the separate state.

Pranab Mukherjee who headed during first tenure of  UPA a sub committee on Telangana said that issue is very sensitive and emotional. " I understood it, but when such a major issue was being announced, it was Congress duty to have taken the NCP, TMC and DMK into confidence" Indirectly Pranab was hitting at the PMO and also Home Minister.

Some members wanted that the government should clarify Home Minister P Chidambaram's remark on Telengana that triggered violence in Andhra Pradesh, but Mukherjee shot down the idea, pointing out that he had just said that the Assembly will pass the resolution for Telengana. The Assembly could not and it had to be adjourned sine die and so the matter should rest there, he advised and everybody concurred, sources added.


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