Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new governors list

15 Dec 2009


From Our Bureau

NEW DELHI: West Bengal Governor Gopal Gandhi taking train to Chennai without waiting for appointment of his successor after completing his term has prompted the government to speed up selection of the new governors.

The 77-year old AICC General Secretary Mohsina Kidwai, who retires from Rajya Sabha next July, is being considered to succeed Gandhi in Kolkata while the 65-year old Ronen Sen, who was India's ambassador in United States until last year, is tipped to become Rajasthan governor.

Other names in circulation include former union minister Arjun Singh (79) as governor of Tamil Nadu and former union minister Sontosh Mohan Deb (75) as governor of Punjab. Also in the reckoning is former Home Minister and former Lok Sabha Speaker Shivraj Patil (74) who is also retiring from Rajya Sabha in July next year. Arjun Singh's Rajya Sabha term is up to 2012.

Ronen Sen, a former IFS officer, was the most powerful joint secretary in the Prime Minister's office (PMO) during Rajiv Gandhi era. He has been ambassador in Russia and Germany and high commissioner in United Kingdom before taking up the ambassadorship in Washington.


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Anonymous said...

why is the government taking so long for their appointment ?

there was a whisper that, Mr Shivraj Patil was likely to be accommodated in the cabinet or he is refusing the offer of governor.

mr santosh mohan dev was also in the reckoning ?
please get some solid scoop.. we like your posts. they are brilliant.