Friday, December 4, 2009


Jagan Reddy and Deepender Hooda are now becoming too close
nowadays. They meet very often in Parliament. Sit and talk for hours
to gether in Central Hall. What is cooking?

is it business interest or to strengthen Congress in their respective
states. TDP MPs on seeing this  whisper- Jagan will ensure Deepender
son of Bhoopender Hooda Chief Minister of Haryana as another
gali Bellary Reddy brother style
What did Pranab da convey through a chit written in Bengali 
to Mamta Banerjee on Thursday? When Trinamool MPs
held Lok Sabha proceedings to ransom. At once Mamta
tore out that piece of paper. Such was her anger
Whether the MPs attend question hour or not, but complain
to Prime Minister that Union Ministers visiting their parliamentary
constituencies do not inform about their schedule in advance
Sooner PM heard this, phoned Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar
to pen a circular letter to all Union Ministers. Promptly KMC
wrote to all Union Ministers passing on the message from PM
Rahul Gandhi is to invite first time Congress
MPs for a high tea. Just before the AICC.
What is the main strategy is not yet known.
Jagan Reddy is nowadays getting closer to Rahul Gandhi
Speaker Meira Kumar on Friday expressed regrets for the poor audio
 quality of the sound system in Lok Sabha   Leader of the House
 Pranab Mukherjee said that the audio system is giving him echo
This happened when Praab da  was replying to question on his Ministry of
 Finance there were humming sound and suddenly the voice was going up
and down.  Earlier when the house assembled at 11 am, when Speaker
announced the members to put supplementary questions, the audio
 system gone out of gear, putting the entire house with a  huge
 humming sound. Many MPs removed their ear phones and
reset their buttons.

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