Saturday, December 5, 2009

delhi gossips

New Delhi political gossips (6-12-2009)
MK Alagiri has now begun to learn english pronounciations
with US accent. He is being tutored how to speak out a word
in English. But unfortunately the phonotic sounds are in tamil.
that Alagiri pratcises.
President Prathibha Patil flown in Sukhoi like APJ Abdul Kalam
and she also going one temple after another like Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma
But Puri Jagannath Temple did not agree to President body guards to enter
temple with their arms. What a sorry state of affairs. Can a VVIP enter
any other religious worship places with such arms and ammunitions?
PMO, happy times are back again for some.  SM Krishna is the Shivraj Patil of the 
UPA II government which makes the national security advisor, MK Narayanan, 
dominate decision-making in the foreign ministry. With Krishna unwilling to exercise 
his authority and the new foreign secretary, Nirupama Rao, too demure to protest, 
Narayanan is alleged to have got busy poaching on core MEA territory. Narayanan, 
apparently, takes the top billing in negotiations related to the PM’s foreign visits,
 forging ahead of both the foreign minister and the foreign secretary in matters 
related to foreign policy. Some men, they say, never learn.
Springing a surprise on close party colleagues, octogenarian chief minister and DMK president M Karunanidhi on virtually announced that he would retire from active electoral politics and administration by the middle of next year to dedicate himself to the welfare of the downtrodden.     
He said he had fulfilled almost all his ideals and what remained was to see the completion of the new secretariat complex and a world class library in Chennai and hold a world classical Tamil conference in June 2010. 
    “After all this, I will dedicate the rest of my life to the welfare of the people, brushing aside the trappings of power and politics,” he said at a thanks-giving meet organised by the Arunthathiar community for introducing a sub-quota for it within the Scheduled Castes. 
For Balram Jakhar the the Governor of Madhya Pradesh, a seven feet special
woodden bed was to be made with the tall height. Special double bed was
also ordered. But now a peculiar request from Harayana governor Jagannath Pahadia 
Bhoopender Hooda Chief Ministser is in a tight spot.
with this unsual request from Governor .

Pahadia wants a bulletproof  bedroom in the governor's mansion. 
How do you provide a bulletproof cover to a bedroom?

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