Friday, December 11, 2009

Rahul cries halt to mother anointing state boss.

11 Dec 2009


R Rajagopalan

NEW DELHI: Congress scion Rahul Gandhi, who forced an election culture in the Youth Congress, has now turned his focus on the party elections, crying halt to the way the partymen keep authorising his mother Sonia Gandhi to nominate bosses of the state units.

A word has gone out from the AICC headquarters to all PCCs to resist from adopting unanimous resolution to authorise Sonia Gandhi to decide the PCC presidents as also nominate the office-bearers of the state units from Delhi.

Rahul forced the new instructions to put an end of the farce of the elections through such resolutions. He wants not only the PCC presidents elected but also wants all other office-bearers of the PCC as also those of block-level and district-level committees directly elected.

Party sources said he has also discussed with Sonia Gandhi amendments in the Congress constitution to ensure elections at all levels. He wants the party leaders elected on the strength of their popularity in the organisation instead of getting into the posts using their proximity to the party leaders in Delhi whom Sonia Gandhi consults for deciding the matters.

Rahul wants even the AICC office-bearers and CWC members elected directly instead of the party president picking up own team. He is reported to told some party leaders that he is now ready to take up a bigger responsibility in the Congress but with a condition that he should be elected to that position and not nominated.

The party sources said Rahul is of a view that the party's organisational machinery had weakened because of the "nomination culture" coming to fore in the Congress because of those not commanding the necessary following creating scare of elections triggering the infightings.



praisid said...

a promisin leader in the making..hope he doen't emulate his elders

sau078 said...

An appreciable step.... Mr. Rahul has a support for his stand on such an ancestral issue, that will surely decentralise the monopoly of the AICC President. On his support lies the numerous young MPs whom he had given opportunity to contest in 2009 elections and their surprising performance. Keep going Mr. Clean (junior)